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Below you will find workshops and continued training opportunities with Catherine.

"A Shared Experience of Voice Dialogue" - Malibu 2018

January 16-20, 2018 

Would you like to be more supported in your Voice Dialogue practice? Come join us overlooking the Pacific Ocean as you put your skills to work both with yourself and with others. We are offering a five day retreat for immersion into your experience and awareness to further your growth.

During the time there, we will create a space for you to drop into your process.  We will share dreams each morning; you will receive a facilitation from one of us and have an opportunity to trade sessions.  We will explore patterns in your relationships, use exercises to heighten your perception of energies and co-create fun ways of spicing things up with evening activities.

Review of Malibu Voice Dialogue workshop 2017

Martha-Lou Wolff and Catherine Keir’s voice dialogue retreat that was held in Malibu, CA this year was an amazing and outstanding experience.
I went because I had been working with Martha-Lou, both individually and in a group format, for several years, allowing me more choice in my own life and more choice in the lives of my clients, as I facilitate their aware ego processes (AEP). I wanted to experience a focused, growth-filled retreat that would allow me to improve my facilitation skills, and become more experienced in my own AEP. I also wanted a rejuvenating setting that would allow me to disconnect from my “regular life” for a few days, while making new friends who were also familiar with VD. I was not disappointed!
The setting of the retreat, at the Serra Retreat Center in beautiful Malibu, CA, was perfect. The surrounding were quiet and beautifully landscaped, with a view of the Pacific Ocean and a ten-minute drive downhill to the beach. The rooms were very comfortable and quiet.
Martha-Lou and Catherine were flexible in meeting the needs of individuals, while at the same time keeping excellent track of group needs and the program agenda. Though I’ve been training in and facilitating VD sessions for many years, I learned a lot more about my own AEP and received excellent feedback and gentle corrective guidance in my facilitation skills. All questions were explored with great attention, and it was wonderful to have so much one-on-one time with these distinguished teachers.
I highly recommended this retreat for those who have had some experience with VD and would like to deepen awareness of primary and disowned Selves, become more aware of and adept at using “energetics” in their personal lives, learn more about how bonding patterns and how they come into play in their personal relationships and interactions, meet wonderful people, and take dream work to the next level through exploration of dreams that come during the retreat itself. It was an educational, empowering, and rejuvenating retreat! 
M.D. & Registerounselor; San Francisco, CA