The Benefits of Voice Dialogue

A flower garden at the park, Scotland.

Embrace Your Experience

Experiencing your experience without judging it in the presence of another human being gives you the opportunity to realize more and more of who you are.

Discover Assumptions

Discover the assumptions you make that limit your experience in life to only what is known to you. 

Building Capacity

Realize you have resources at every stage of your life that offer you new possibilities, embracing what you know and discovering what you have in front of you to learn.

Your Body As a Sensor

Our bodies stand on the earth.  Through our bodies, we receive an abundance of information by which to guide us when we include our body's intelligence.

We are always working in concert with different energies and influences.  Sometimes our experience can be overwhelming.  This approach to counseling allows for integration and acceptance in the body, mind, and energetic aspects.

The Big Picture

The freedom to choose that can evolve through the attention given to Awareness and the Aware Ego Process has been shown to enrich the quality of people’s lives. My experience of Voice Dialogue verifies for me the continual discovery of an aliveness which emerges step by step and is a tribute to inner development. I listen to people; they hear/see themselves and we awaken to more of who we are, individually, in our relationship to each other and to the greater intelligence that informs us.
— Catherine