Dave S.

I knew Catherine in social settings and always found her to be full of wisdom and perception. Then I was involved in an accident and truly learned what a gifted individual she was.  She was a critical part of my recovery team and was instrumental in helping me during some of the most vulnerable times of my journey back to health.  

Rhiannon S.

Catherine Keir is one of the most skilled and exceptional counselors I know.  I have referred many clients, colleagues, and friends to her and I have always been impressed with how she is capable at working with anyone, no matter what their situation.  She is professional, compassionate, kind, and committed to her work.  She provides a comfortable and safe space to help one broaden their perspective and positively transform their life.  Catherine is a wealth of wisdom and can help anyone with conflict resolution, skill building, and life coaching.  She encourages a positive healing space that is empowering, hopeful, and strength based.  She has my highest recommendation.  

Susan M.

Catherine is an amazing and wise facilitator of Voice Dialogue. I have seen her through the years for counseling and it has been a deep engaging process of discovering the inner wisdom of the different parts of myself. I have gained an appreciation for how those parts have helped me in my life and how to be aware and present with myself in insightful and powerful ways.  I have discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed. This work has been very empowering and enlightening. I highly recommend Catherine Keir.